Affordable Used Cars in Austin, TX

Looking for your next vehicle but are not sure what you can afford? You may be surprised by how far you can make your money go if you shop around and are looking at the right places. Kyle Chapman Motors has three locations in the Austin, Texas, area. Each of our locations has a wide selection of pre-owned vehicles at affordable prices. 

Whether you are looking for a car, truck, SUV or van, Kyle Chapman Motors has got you covered. We understand that you need a vehicle that fits your needs but is also affordable with your current financial situation. Our team will help you to find a vehicle that is in your price range and get you on your way in just 90 minutes. Check out our affordable used car inventory! 

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It's no secret that used vehicles have a smaller price tag on them than new vehicles. Many pre-owned vehicles are in great condition and are also affordable so shoppers can get the best of both worlds. Consider purchasing a pre-owned vehicle and experience the benefits for yourself! 

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Less Depreciation

Shoppers who purchase new vehicles off the lot will experience the biggest depreciation of the vehicle. Used vehicles do not depreciate as fast so they will hold more of their value for longer making it a good investment. 

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Fewer Fees

Is having a brand new vehicle really worth all of the taxes and fees that come along with it? Dealer and Registration fees are much higher on new vehicles and so is the sales tax. Not only will you be saving money on the initial price of a pre-owned vehicle, but you will also be saving on all of the fees that are included. 

Contact Kyle Chapman Motors

If you are looking for your next vehicle and are not sure what you can afford with your credit score or budget, be sure to contact Kyle Chapman Motors. Our team will work with you to set up a finance plan that is custom to your needs. Stop by one of our dealerships today or contact us with any questions!