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Stay on Top of Your Oil Changes with the Kyle Chapman Motors Service Department in Buda TX

Why Are Regular Oil Changes Important?

It’s the bane of a car owner’s existence – even though it’s really not that bad, doesn’t take that much time, doesn’t cost much, and does a lot to keep your car in tip-top shape while out on the road. It’s the regular oil change. Here at Kyle Chapman Motors in Buda, TX, we understand it can be a hassle, and we know it’s something pretty much everyone hates, but regular oil changes really do help keep your engine and your vehicle running smoothly and reliably. However, not everyone knows exactly what regular oil changes do to keep their engine healthy, and we think that’s why people hate them so much. So, why are regular oil changes so important? Read on to find out.


Explaining the Importance of Regular Oil ChangesMechanic changing oil

There are five main reasons why you should regularly change your oil. For starters, regular oil changes help maintain engine lubrication, which in turn stops the heat created from all your engine’s moving parts from wearing down your engine. Secondly, regular oil changes help keep your engine components cool, which, again, saves your engine and optimizes its longevity. Thirdly, regular oil changes help remove engine wear particles and sludge that build up over time and can cause corrosion and decrease the life of your engine. Regular oil changes also help improve your engine’s fuel efficiency, as poor engine lubrication leads to increased fuel consumption. Last but not least, regular oil changes make sure your engine and all of its moving parts don’t have to work as hard, which means your engine and everything that goes along with it is going to last longer.

Scheduling an Oil Change at Kyle Chapman Motors is as Easy as Clicking a Button

Like we said before, everyone here at Kyle Chapman Motors in Buda, TX, understands most people find bringing their car in for regular oil changes to be a hassle. That’s why we allow our customers to schedule an oil change right here on our website.

If you’d like to know more about the importance of regular oil changes, please contact our friendly Kyle Chapman Motors Service Department. We’re here to help.