Close up of a person's hands checking the wiper blade on a car

When to Change the Wiper Blades on your Car

Wiper blades are very handy tools that keep you seeing clearly in the middle of a storm. However, these blades don’t last forever, so you will need to change them every so often. It’s recommended that you replace your wiper blades every six to twelve months, depending on your local weather patterns and the materials that your blades are made of. Here are three common signs to watch for so you know when to change the wiper blades on your car.

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Streaking on the Windshield

Streaking is the most obvious sign that your wiper blades are not working as well as they should. It will reduce your visibility and can be caused by multiple reasons. The rubber could have dried and cracked, allowing water to slip through. Debris that collects on the windshield or wiper blade can also block direct contact between the rubber and the glass.

Worn or Damaged Blades

As wiper blades get old and used, they won’t function properly. Check to see if your wiper blades are worn out by looking for rounded edges. Wiper blades should have squared edges so they can effectively move water out of view. While you look at your blades, check for any tears, cracks, or missing pieces. Finally, flex the rubber. Rubber that isn’t elastic won’t easily conform to the shape of your windshield. Even if your wiper blades are free of damage and were lightly used, aged rubber will cause streaking.

Wiper Blades are Not Secure or the Frame is Broken

Wiper blade smearing while being used on a rainy driveLastly, if you don’t suspect bad wiper blades but are still experiencing bad visibility while using them, check to see if they are secure. The rubber should be secure to the frame so it can consistently contact the glass. Inspect the frame for corrosion and detachment at the joints. Problems with the frame will prevent the rubber from doing its job, so get them replaced if you notice something wrong.

We hope that you found this guide helpful in identifying when to replace your wiper blades. For more useful information on maintaining your vehicle, browse the Kyle Chapman Motors blog! Got unidentified issues with your car? Schedule service with us and we will fix the problem.