cartoon rendering of kids playing at a park

Where Can I Enjoy Some Outdoor Fun In and Around Buda TX?

Three Parks to Check Out in Buda TX

We’re blessed with some pretty amazing weather year-round here in Buda, TX – weather that makes us want to spend as much time outside as possible. Thankfully, there’s plenty of outdoor fun to be had here in Buda thanks to the multitude of parks in and around our great city. Honestly, you can’t go wrong no matter which park you choose, but here are three parks in Buda, TX, we think everyone should make sure they check out.


City Park – 204 San Antonio Roadcartoon rendering of a park

Up first is what we’d consider our favorite park here in Buda. Located in the heart of downtown Buda – 204 San Antonio Road, to be exact – City Park has everything you need for a fun-filled day outside. That list includes a pair of basketball courts, a playground that features a rock climbing wall, a trio of BBQ pits, nine picnic tables, 14 benches, a pair of pavilions that are available to rent, and enough water fountains to keep everyone hydrated as they play the day away.

Bonita Vista Park – 309 Bonita Vista Drive

Next up is another favorite, Bonita Vista Park – located at the entrance to the Bonita Vista subdivision (309 Bonita Vista Drive, to be exact). Like City Park, Bonita Vista Park features a pair of basketball courts and a fun-filled playground. It also features picnic tables and a water fountain.

Bradfield Village Park – 140 Crescent Drive

Rounding out our trio of Buda, TX, parks you need to check out is Bradfield Village Park – located at 140 Crescent Drive. Bradfield Village Park not only features a playground, but it also boasts a pair of fishing ponds – along with all of the other expected amenities, of course.

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