dog with shades on driving car

Is it safe for my dog to be in the car with the windows rolled down?

Having a dog, in many ways, is like having a child. You care for them, feed them and enjoy their company. Your dog trusts you and believes that you will take care of it. One thing that many pet owners do that they do not realize could be harming their furry friend is they leave them in the car by themselves. Doing so can be very dangerous and even fatal on a warm or hot day. This is why it is important to plan ahead and not bring your dog along with you if they are going to have to stay in the vehicle once you reach your destination. Make sure that you are taking the best care of your pet dog. Keep reading below for more helpful information!

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Things to Consider When Leaving Your Pup in the Car

dogs looking out window of carLeaving your dog alone in the vehicle is never a good idea. Not only can they overheat, but it also causes stress on them when they are left alone like that. It doesn’t take long for the interior temperature of a vehicle to rise when it is parked out in the sun on a hot day. Don’t underestimate how warm it will get inside.

People commonly think that their dog will be okay inside the vehicle if they leave the windows open a little bit. Although this may help to drop the temperature by a couple degrees, it will still not make it cool enough for your dog to be comfortable. This may be okay on a cooler day if it is just for a couple minutes, however. Leaving your vehicle’s windows open also leaves your pet and the other items inside your vehicle vulnerable to strangers that may be passing by your vehicle.

If your pet is along with you and you need to make a quick stop for an errand, it is best to leave your vehicle running with the air conditioning on. This will regulate the internal temperature of the car and allow your dog to stay comfortable while you are gone. Even with leaving the air conditioning running, you should still not leave your pet alone in the vehicle for an extended amount of time.

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