two vehicles involved in a head to head collision

Follow this checklist if you have been involved in an accident!

We know that being involved in an accident can be scary or frustrating, but it is important that you know what to do if you are involved in one. Depending on how severe the collision is, you may not be able to follow all of these steps right away. Check out the list below and do what you are able to.

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After Accident Checklistsilver sedan rear ended

  1. Turn your flashers on so that you can be seen by other vehicles that may be passing by. Do not leave the scene of the accident!
  2. Call the police and notify them of the accident and where it happened. They may ask for more information such as how many vehicles were involved and if there are any injuries that you know of.
  3. Once the police arrive give an accurate record of what happened. You may also take pictures of your vehicle’s damage if it does not interfere with the ongoing police investigation.
  4. Exchange information with the other drivers that were involved in the collision. Gather their name, contact and insurance information for future reference.
  5. Inform your insurance company of the incident right away. They may ask for pictures of the vehicles or pictures of your injuries.
  6. Save all of the paperwork relating to the accident. You may need to look back at some of this at a later date so it would be helpful to have it all together.

Although we hope that you never need this information, it is still important to know if you ever are involved in a crash. Kyle Chapman Motors has three convenient locations in Austin, Buda and San Marcos for community members who are in search of their next vehicle for an affordable price. Stop by one of our locations today or contact us with any question!