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Why Do I Need to Rotate My Tires?

Explaining the Importance of Rotating Your Tires

When you own a car, truck or SUV, there’s a long list of things you need to do to make sure your vehicle lasts as long as you need it to. One of those tasks is making sure you rotate your tires regularly. A good rule of thumb is to rotate your tires at the same time you get your oil changed, which means killing two vehicle maintenance birds with one service appointment stone. But even when it’s as easy as pairing these two regular maintenance tasks together, people still get annoyed about having to do it. Especially when they don’t know why they need to rotate their tires. That’s why we decided to take some time and explain the importance of rotating your tires.


How Rotating Your Tires Helps Make Them Last and Keep You Safemechanic rotating tires

Rotating your tires is exactly what it sounds like. All four tires are removed and placed in a different location to optimize the life of your tires and maintain an even amount of treadwear on all four. That’s really what it’s all about – making sure your tires last as long as they should, and as long as you need them to. Everyone knows how expensive tires can be, which means you want to make sure you’re doing everything you can to reach the full potential of the longevity of your tires. But regularly rotating your tires also helps keep you and your vehicle safe. That’s because regularly rotating your tires also means you’re prolonging the life of your suspension by reducing vibrations. Regularly rotating your tires also means regularly having experts like ours here at the Kyle Chapman Motors Service Department under your vehicle, which means they’ll be able to spot any other potential problems before they turn serious. Finally, regularly rotating your tires is often a warranty requirement of tire manufacturers.

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