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Does the way I drive affect my vehicle’s fuel economy?

Most people must drive for their daily commute, and driving requires regular trips to your local gas station to fill up. But what if you could prolong the time between visits to the fuel pump? What if a few minor changes to the way you drive could save you some money that you would regularly spend on gas? The way that you drive affects the fuel economy that you are getting, check out these few simple tips to help you improve your vehicle’s fuel economy!

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Tips for Getting Better Gas Mileage

There are plenty of little things that you can do that will help to improve your fuel economy. Start with these few simple steps:

  1. Lighten the load. If you do not need to bring along the extra cargo, don’t. The heavier that your vehicle is, the lower your fuel economy will be.
  2. Don’t be aggressive. When you accelerate quickly it will hurt your fuel economy. Speed up slowly and drive at a consistent speed, by using cruise control, for the best results.
  3. Avoid spread out short trips. If you have a list of errands to run, do some planning and take care of them all at the same time. A vehicle that is warmed up will run more efficiently than an engine that is not warmed up.
  4. Keep an eye on your tire pressure. Tires that are properly inflated will provide you with better fuel economy than tires that are under-inflated.

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