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Smiling teenager sitting in the driver seat of a car

How to Save Money for Car Insurance as a Teenager

Shopping for the Best Deals on Teen Auto Insurance

Let’s face it, if you are a teenager, finding affordable auto insurance can be difficult. Teenagers are very likely to get into car accidents, thus increasing the rates for teenagers significantly. However, there are ways to lower the cost of auto insurance for teenagers that you may not know about. Read the rest of this entry >>

are online credit applications safe

Are Online Credit Applications Safe to Use?

Many car dealerships offer an online credit pre-approval form to customers, but are these applications safe to trust? Cybercrime is at an all-time high and no one wants their information to be stolen. It is only normal to take precaution when it comes to entering in all your personal information. Keep reading below to learn about trusting online credit applications. Read the rest of this entry >>

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Is your credit good? Bad? Kyle Chapman Motors can help customers in any credit situation!

If you are thinking about purchasing your next vehicle, you most likely have wondered if your credit score is good enough to get a good loan rate. It can be difficult to find dealerships that will work with you if you have limited or poor credit. Consider taking your vehicle interest and financing help to Kyle Chapman Motors! Keep reading below to learn how they will help you no matter what your credit score is! Read the rest of this entry >>