Cars moving in traffic

Watch Now: Learn How to Stay Safe while Tailgating

Tips for Healthy Tailgating while Driving

Tailgating is regarded as one of the major causes of vehicle accidents. When a driver follows a vehicle too closely, i.e., riding up at its tail, it is termed tailgating. Thus, it reduces the time a driver has for reacting to an event such as the vehicle in front of them braking or decreasing its speed. At such times, the driver might end up hitting the automobile, causing an accident. To avoid such a type of accident, drivers might benefit from learning about the appropriate following distances. At Kyle Chapman Motors in Buda, TX, we’ve looked up a video that provides tips for healthy tailgating while driving.

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Gas of different octane levels

What’s the Difference between Premium Gas and Regular Gas?

Premium Gas vs Regular Gas

When you pull up to a gas station, you are asked to make a choice between premium and regular gas. Which is the better fuel for your vehicle? What is the difference between the two? These questions might’ve popped up. Thus, at Kyle Chapman Motors in Buda, TX, we have put together a comparison of premium gas vs regular gas that might clear the air.

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Car in the summer

6 Essential Summer Maintenance Tips for Your Vehicle

Get Your Car Summer-Ready with These Tips!

Summers are a good time to hit the road. However, it’s important to ensure your vehicle is ready too! Excessive heat can have an adverse impact on many parts of your vehicle. Thus, whether it’s the mountains or the beaches that you’re heading to, at Kyle Chapman Motors in Buda, TX, we tell you how to get your car summer-ready with these tips.

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Park trail

What Are the Best Tourist Attractions near Buda, TX?

Top 3 Places to Visit in Buda, TX

The City of Buda was formally established on April 1, 1881, when Cornelia Trimble donated land for a town site. It has been named the “Outdoor Capital of Texas” by the State of Texas Legislature because of its high proportion of parkland. What’s more, if you’re someone who likes to go off the beaten path, this magnificent city has quite a few hike and bike trails. If you just enjoy the feeling of oneness with nature, you could visit the various scenic parks and bountiful natural locales that the city offers. At Kyle Chapman Motors, we give you a list of the best tourist attractions in Buda, TX.  

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Tire aligning

What Are the Differences between FWD and AWD?

Front-Wheel Drive vs All-Wheel Drive Drivetrain Comparison

Nowadays, when you go about buying a vehicle, you might come across the different drivetrains available. If you’re a novice buying your first car, it can be worrying to grasp the features of different drivetrains, especially the difference between the front-wheel drivetrain and the all-wheel drivetrain. We understand your predicament. Thus, to help you make a choice that suits your needs, at Kyle Chapman Motors in Buda, TX, we have put together a front-wheel drive vs all-wheel drive drivetrain comparison.

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Interior of a powerful engine

Explaining What Horsepower and Torque Do in Your Automobile

How Do Horsepower and Torque Work in My Vehicle?

When you’re understanding or gauging the performance of an automobile, the terms used most often are horsepower and torque. But not all of us really understand their importance. Why do vehicle manufacturers harp on it? Why are these considered pertinent to the specifications sheet of the vehicle? And the most important question: how do horsepower and torque work in my vehicle? At Kyle Chapman Motors in Buda, TX, we have the answers right here!

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Representative image of a park

Where can you catch the latest movies in the park in Buda, TX?

Movies in the Park in Buda TX Location and Time

Who doesn’t like the movies, huh? It is one of the most popular ways in which we unwind. They allow us to escape, be in places and with people who are different from ourselves. Over and above that, they entertain us! If you’re in Buda, TX and wondering how to ring in the weekend, you’re in for a treat. The City Government of Buda, TX, has opened the new amphitheater. They have announced Arts in the Park happening every Friday evening in June and July. Are you interested in learning about the movies in the park in Buda, TX, location and time? At Kyle Chapman Motors, we have the answers! You can now catch some awesome flicks on the great lawn from 8:45 pm. We list the movies in the park in Buda, TX.

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Blue 2020 Chevrolet Silverado driving through a dirt road.

What are some of the Midsize Used Trucks available in Austin, TX?

Find the Right Used Truck with Our Midsize and Full-Size Selection at Kyle Chapman Motors

If you are thinking of buying a truck but are running a little short on money, you should consider buying a pre-owned vehicle. It will give you the same features and save you a whole lot of money. Continue reading to learn about all the midsize and full-size used trucks available at Kyle Chapman Motors, Austin, TX.

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