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Kyle Chapman Motors Sales (hereinafter referred to as "Dealer") agrees, from the effective date shown, for 12 months from the date of delivery or 12,000 miles, whichever comes first, to repair or replace the listed covered components/parts, which fail to perform their intended purpose, subject to all other terms and conditions of this LIMITED WARRANTY. All repair or replacement of covered components/parts must be performed by Dealer or at the direction of or with prior approval of Dealer.


I. Covered Components/Parts:
The following internally lubricated parts are covered, subject to the exclusions set forth in this limited warranty.

A. Engine: Crankshaft and bearings, oil pump, internal timing gears or chain, camshafts, camshaft bearings, valve lifters, rocker arm assemblies and push rods, valve guides, pistons and rings, wrist pins, cylinders, gaskets and oil seals when replaced during repairs, connecting rods, distributor drive gear, all internal components of and including engine block and cylinder heads, if damage is caused by mechanical failure of an internally lubricated part other than overheating or freezing.

B. Transmission: The internal components of the automatic transmission or manual transmission. The manual transmission case and automatic transmission case and torque converter are covered if damaged by the failure of an internally lubricated part.

C. Drive Axle Assembly: Trans-axle housing, ring and pinion gears, drive chain, drive chain gears, carrier bearings, ring and pinion gears, carrier assembly thrust washers, axles, axle bearings, internal trans-axle seal, and drive axle housing, if damaged by failure of an internally lubricated part.

D. Trans-axle Assembly: Trans-axle housing, ring and pinion gears, drive chain, drive chain gears, carrier bearings, bushings, and internal seals, if damaged by the failure of an internally lubricated part.

E. Power Steering: Internally lubricated parts contained within the steering gear box and pump housing, including rack and pinion, control valves, internal oil control seals, bearings and shafts, steering box and pump housings, if damaged by the failure of an internally lubricated part.

This limited warranty does not cover repair for gradual reduction on operating performance due to normal wear and tear. At the Dealer's discretion, replacement may be made with like kind and quality including using aftermarket, "rebuilt' or "used" components/parts.

II. Labor:
All labor for covered repairs when performed by Dealer, or at the direction of or with prior approval of Dealer.

III. Towing:
Dealer will reimburse purchaser for the actual expense, up to $50.00, of towing the vehicle to Dealer's shop at 18300 S. IH35 Buda, TX 78610, or a repair facility designated by Dealer, provided that the cause of the breakdown was the failure of a covered component/part. Towing expenses in excess of $50.00 per coverage breakdown are not covered under this LIMITED WARRANTY.

IV. Substitute Transportation:
Dealer will not provide a rental vehicle or reimburse for rental vehicle charges. There is no "Loaner" vehicle available for any repair.


This LIMTED WARRANTY does not cover the following:

A. Loss caused by lack of required maintenance, servicing, negligence, misuse or abuse, or the lack or contamination of coolants, lubricants, and refrigerants or any loss caused by overheating.

B. Repairs and/or replacement without prior authorization by Dealer, or to any mechanical alteration not recommended by the vehicle manufacturer.

C. Loss or expense for adjustments, tune-up, alignments, road service, collision or impact, storage, maintenance items (such as lubricants, coolants, thermostats, filters, hoses, clamps, belts, spark plugs), nor any components/parts not listed in covered components/parts.

D. Loss to a covered component/part when damaged by failure of a non-covered part.

E. Normal wear and tear in the absence of a mechanical breakdown necessitating replacement of the involved part (such as resurfacing heads, valves, valve seals or replacing rings to raise engine compression).

F. Loss covered by any other service agreement or warranty, including manufacturer recalls.

G. Replacement of seals and gaskets except when required in conjunction with repair or replacement of covered components/parts, nor any subsequent damage to covered components/parts caused by operating the vehicle with leaking or faulty seals or gaskets.

H. Repairs required as a result of hauling trailer or other vehicles in excess of rated capacity, or without suitable equipment, or failure to follow the vehicle manufacturer's requirements as applicable.

I. Any vehicle on which the odometer is inoperative or mileage has been altered and/or the actual mileage cannot be readily determined.

J. Any vehicle if it has been used for competitive driving or racing, for commercial livery or delivery purposes, or off-road recreational purposes.

K. Loss occurring while operating the vehicle outside the contiguous United States, Alaska, Hawaii and Canada.

L. Repairs necessary to maintain vehicle in compliance with local, state, or federal emission standards or tests.

M. Replacement of air conditioning systems or retrofitting with new equipment to meet requirements made by changes in the law.

N. Turbo-chargers and turbo-charged engines are not covered.

Miscellaneous Terms

If Dealer has financed the vehicle, the failure of Buyer to be current on all obligations under the Motor Vehicle Retail Installment Contract including payments and required insurance coverage, will invalidate this LIMITED WARRANTY. Upon termination of this limited warranty, Seller shall have no further liability for any implied warranty, including any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness, and Seller shall at no time have any liability for consequential damages of any sort or nature, but this limitation of liability shall not extend to those types of consequential damages the limitation of which is made unconscionable by statute. This LIMITED WARRANTY is extended solely and exclusively to the Buyer named above, and shall be terminated by Buyers sale or transfer of the described motor vehicle to any other person.

Some states do not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts, so the above limitation may not apply to either. Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitation or exclusion may not apply to you. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights, which vary from state to state. This Limited Warranty shall constitute the sole and complete agreement regarding any warranty, expressed or implied, between Seller and Buyer. No oral representation of any nature has been made which differs from the foregoing terms and conditions, and no modification of the foregoing terms and conditions shall be valid unless it is written and signed by both parties.

In case of mechanical failure on your vehicle, please contact the location you bought the vehicle from. You can find our contact information at http://www.kylechapmanmotors.com/contact